1000 women in Queensland will be diagnosed with gynaecological cancer each year...40% won’t survive.

Gynaecological cancer incorporates cervical, uterine, ovarian, vulva and vaginal cancer and affects women of all ages.  As the incidence of these cancers rise, government funding into research declines. Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation is about cherishing women and their right to receive the very best possible treatment for gynaecological cancers. While a ‘cure’ for gynaecological cancer could be years away, Cherish is acting right now to improve the effectiveness of current treatments. Many of the best treatments available today can result in life-changing physical and emotional effects.

Did you know …

  • Gynaecological cancers are not caused by sexual interaction
  • Uterine cancer is the most common gynaecological cancer
  • Obesity is the greatest risk factor for uterine cancer
  • The routine PAP smear does NOT detect ovarian or uterine cancers
  • Only one in seven ovarian cancers is inherited
  • Tests to diagnose ovarian cancer early are ineffective
  • Cervical cancer is caused by the HPV virus that almost every woman harbours

Patient Wins Cherish Foundation’s Lexus

An ovarian cancer patient and retired community nurse, Mrs Maureen Egan, has won a luxury Lexus CT 200h hybrid hatch, winning the Cherish Foundation’s recent Art Union raffle.

Mrs Egan, of the Northern Territory, purchased tickets online through the Cherish Foundation’s website after experiencing first hand the challenges associated with ovarian cyst removal.

Mrs Egan required urgent surgery and treatment in 2013 by her surgeon in Brisbane.

Mrs Egan said she was thrilled to hear she had won such a beautiful vehicle.

“I bought tickets because I wanted to show my appreciation to my surgeon and support gynaecological cancer research,” she said.

“I have follow up treatment booked here in Darwin with a colleague of my specialist. I am someone who may need treatment in the years to come,” she said.

“Thank you so much to the Foundation for all you do for gynaecological cancer research,” she said. Cherish Foundation Executive Officer Kym Hill said she was thrilled a patient had won the raffle and wished her the best with her ongoing treatment.

The Lexus CT 200h promotion included displays at various highly visible locations, including at 111 Eagle Street in the Brisbane CBD and at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

Peter Thomas, Sponsorships Manager for Lexus of Brisbane Group, said he had spoken with Mrs Egan regarding the delivery of the black, luxury, hybrid hatch.

“We are delighted that such a deserving winner has won this vehicle,” said Mr Thomas.

The Cherish Foundation would like to thank Lexus of Brisbane Group for their support throughout the campaign, which raised valuable funds for research projects.

Her Words: Read Kay's Story

My name is Kay and I was diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer four and a half years ago.