Sol Breads

Cherish has partnered with Sol Breads as the Foundation’s principal fundraising partner in 2014, kicking off in February (ovarian cancer awareness month) with a campaign aiming to raise $75,000.

In addition to Sol Breads’ 50 cent campaign where 50 cents is donated to Cherish from every loaf sold between now and 1 May, Sol Breads are also offering a ‘six-pack limited edition,‘ from which $3.00 will be donated to Cherish. There are two six-packs available, one catering for gluten-free and of course non-gluten free bread lovers.

Sol Breads delivers traditional, healthy and best-tasting baked products, by means of using natural local wholegrain ingredients, no additives, and incorporating time-honoured European sourdough techniques. Not only do Sol Breads offer wholesome, delicious wheat loaves, they also specialise in gluten-sensitive and gluten-free products.

You can support this important campaign and your health, simply by purchasing your bread from Sol Breads between now and 1 May. It’s even delivered right to your door!

We sincerely thank Sol Breads for this generous gesture of support.

Sol Breads - an outstanding company committed to making a REAL difference for our women.

Her Words: Read Kay's Story

My name is Kay and I was diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer four and a half years ago.