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Over the past four years, Cherish has gone from strength to strength, raising much needed funds towards clinical research that results in better treatments for gynaecological cancer that can be developed and implemented quickly.

Our supporters are a passionate group of people who not only assist Cherish to raise these funds year after year, but assist to make Cherish even better than it was yesterday by applying their particular skills to areas that Cherish needs help in.

We’re a growing Foundation with limited resources, so we are incredibly grateful when our supporters reach out and offer to help.

We’ve been lucky enough to have inspired a group of talented designers to develop a fresh look and feel for the Cherish brand and we can’t wait to show you. Along with this new look is a brand new website that our Cherish community will love!

This fresh approach will present Cherish with opportunities to speak with a wider group of people, in ways we haven’t been able to before, and marks an incredibly exciting milestone for our Board and team.

We sincerely hope you like it and we would love to hear your thoughts when you see it launched very soon!

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Our amazing partners and sponsors

1000 women in Queensland will be diagnosed with gynaecological cancer each year...40% won't survive.

Gynaecological cancer incorporates cervical, uterine, ovarian, vulva and vaginal cancer and affects women of all ages.  As the incidence of these cancers rise, government funding into research declines. Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation is about cherishing women and their right to receive the very best possible treatment for gynaecological cancers. While a ‘cure’ for gynaecological cancer could be years away, Cherish is acting right now to improve the effectiveness of current treatments. Many of the best treatments available today can result in life-changing physical and emotional effects.

Smart match expands funding footprint

Clinical research into gynaecological cancer treatments in Australia has received a boost with the announcement of a partnership between international surgical device developer, the O.R. Company (ORC), and the Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation.

The partnership, which kicked off last month, creates more opportunity for the not-for-profit Foundation to find and fund clinical trial work in the areas of prevention, early detection and treatment of ovarian, uterine, endometrial, cervical, vulval and vaginal cancers.

Accounting for 9% of all women’s cancers, gynaecological cancer is rarely discussed as openly as other forms of cancer, yet the burden for the 5000 women diagnosed each year in Australia is great.

Professor Andreas Obermair, a Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation founder and board member, said, “Without the support of partners like ORC, we could not do the important work we do.”

“Right now, we have clinical trials awaiting funding to find answers to questions that need to be asked. It isn’t good enough that a woman diagnosed with gynaecological cancer today is treated in the same way we treated women decades ago. We need progress so we can find kinder ways to treat women,” he said.

Mr Brett Telford, Managing Director and President of ORC, said partnering with the Foundation was part of ORC’s commitment to Australian and international researchers, surgeons, clinical technicians and nurses working in the field of gynaecology.

“We are thrilled to be able to work with Cherish to deliver some real outcomes in this area,” he said. “ORC’s mission is to design and develop smart surgical devices that have global impact each and every day and we see this partnership as a way to create impact in the area of clinical research.”

ORC develops, supplies and markets high quality, innovative surgical devices for minimally invasive and open surgery. Based in Melbourne, Australia and Tacoma, USA, ORC is an international company with a network of partners in Europe, the Asia Pacific region and Middle East. Website: www.theorcompany.com

Cherish funds clinical trials that result in better treatments that can be developed and implemented quickly. Website: www.cherishfoundation.com.au

Contact Details:

Kym Hill, Executive Officer | Cherish Foundation | 0488 333 723 | kym.hill@cherishfoundation.com.au

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My name is Kay and I was diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer four and a half years ago.